A Note from the At Your Service Payroll Department

The payroll department has compiled a list of important information to better suite our employees. These bullet points are the accumulation of many inquiries we have seen over the years.

  •  The Payroll Schedule is located in the staff memos in Staff mate which provides the employee the dates worked along with the pay date it is associated with. Please remember, checks are sent out on Friday’s and direct deposit paystubs can only be seen online starting on Friday.
  • In order to ensure a quick email back from the Payroll department regarding missing hours please make sure you state the following in your email: first and last name, location of employment, and the date/location/ and times you worked that are missing to accounting@aysstaff.com  or payroll@aysstaff.com  .
  • Lost checks: the only way to receive a reissued check when it is lost is to email accounting@aysstaff.com or payroll@aysstaff.com  the information in the previous bullet and Payroll will send you back the lost check form along with the associated paystub. It is then the employees’ job to fill out the lost check form, get it notarized, and send back ASAP.  In order to ensure a reissued check for the next pay period please send the form back at the latest, Monday at 8am.
  • Employment Verification/Notices: Allow 2-3 business days for forms to be filled out and sent back. Please plan accordingly.
  • Timecards are to be brought to an event and the staff must sign in and out on them. It is then the responsibility of the staff (never the client) to either fax (631 563 2477) or take a picture and send to accounting@aysstaff.com or payroll@aysstaff.com. We encourage the timecard to be sent immediately after the event, but within 24 hours is fine. After that, it is late and will be subject to not making it into the correct payroll cycle.
  • Our biggest encouragement in the Payroll department is direct deposit which is located under the staff memos in Staff mate. Once the checks are mailed out on Fridays we have absolutely no control over the time they are delivered to the employee. Incorrect addresses are extremely common with employees moving or not providing apartment/floor numbers and direct deposit avoids this entirely.
  • All paystubs are available online to view. Please email accounting@aysstaff.com or payroll@aysstaff.com to be set up with access.