In Hospitality, Attitude is Everything

It is more than just a phrase that your teacher tried to instill in you in grammar school—in the world of hospitality, Attitude IS Everything.

We all have had a night out ruined by poor service. No matter how terrific the food at an event, staff with a bad attitude stand at the ready to ruin your entire evening. Conversely, quality service and a staff with a great attitude can give an event the extra edge it needs to be extraordinary. When you arrive at an event and the staff greet you with a smile, it sets the tone for a great evening to come. Follow this up with a coat check that is pleased to serve you and servers and bartenders that are ready to make your evening memorable with fantastic food and drink, and the party is sure to be a success. At the end of the day, it all comes back to attitude.

At At Your Service Staffing, attitude is at the cornerstone of everything we do—from how we hire to who we hire, attitude truly is everything. It’s more than a motto or a slogan.  It is a way of life. 

Posted on March 31, 2014 .