Perfect Practice Makes Perfect

The task of perfecting skills cannot be learned in a matter of minutes or by being lectured on the correct technique. It is all about building off the essential foundation of the impeccable attitude that At Your Service seeks in our dedicated hospitality professionals.

What sets At Your Service apart is our new unique hands on training sessions for our newly hired employees. No matter the style of service that you are seeking, whether it be a high end plated dinner for five hundred or a small gathering in your home for twenty, our employees learn the skills needed to make your event a success during our newly developed training sessions.

Our front of house staff spend the day at high end venues across the North East where they are presented with the chance to train with seasoned industry leaders. Being able to submerse the attendees into the natural setting for hospitality events means staff will seamlessly integrated into black tie events with top notch steps of service. The advantage of hands on training experience combined with a great attitude will make all the difference at your next event.

-Liz Metrano, At Your Service New York

Posted on April 28, 2014 .