Attitude is Everything in Hospitality

When one imagines a favorite event, they may recall fabulous décor, delicious catering and stellar entertainment. However, when it comes to event success, nothing can make or break an evening like the service.

The core goal of event and catering management is to maintain laser sharp focus on details in order to provide an impactful experience for attendees and donors. Those in the hospitality industry know how important it is to keep guests happy in order to promote brands and reap benefits for their cause.  From venues large and small, good managers remind their staff that an excellent attitude is the key to attendee happiness and, ultimately, true event success.

All types of staff may come through your door. And though they may be polished and hardworking, no one sticks around like those with positive service attitudes.

They are the ones gently placing your plate, adjusting the arrangements and smiling broadly. They have great pride in their work and take every detail into consideration. In an industry where it is so easy to be run down by fussy attendees and split-second changes, good event staff will shine as brightly as your chandeliers.

They are the bees that keep the service industry buzzing.

So, when your event is at its peak and your guests are ready to support your company and pass your name along, remember to thank your staff. Their positivity and quick thinking skills greatly attribute to your success. Their attitude truly is everything. 

-Chelsea McLeish, At Your Service New York

Posted on July 22, 2014 .