Great Management: The Backbone of a Great Team

In the world of hospitality, great management serves as the backbone of a great team.  In order to maintain standards in the field, staff must be supervised by individuals who utilize good management to set the bar higher. They need to be coached to provide unforgettable service and ultimately make your event a night to remember.

At the core of every great management team are three basic principles:

  1. A great manager must provide consistency to their team
  2. A great manager must set clear expectations for their team
  3. A great manager must maintain an exemplary attitude around their team

Consistency at all levels of management is key. In order to be successful, hospitality staff needs to know that each interaction with management, regardless of level or department, will be the same. The predictability creates an environment that fosters growth and pride for the staff in their work.

In addition to maintaining consistency at all levels of operation, hospitality management must work to set clear expectations for their team. From uniform and service standards to communication expectations, management must clearly state what they will hold staff accountable for on site. This will ensure that staff know exactly what is expected from them, thus setting the entire team up for a successful evening.

Lastly, it is clear that in hospitality, attitude is everything. In order to ensure that hospitality staff is adhering to this mantra, management needs to maintain the glowing positive attitude they wish to see out of their staff at all times. No matter the circumstance, whether it may be criticism from a client or just a down right a bad day, a positive attitude is the key to leading a productive team that staff will enjoy being a part of. And it starts at the top.

Aside from the preceding, what techniques and qualities do you think a great management team must display? 

-Liz Metrano, AYS New York

Posted on July 31, 2014 .