Ten Reasons Why: We Loved 2015

For the AYS team, 2015 was a great year! Not only did the company experience so much professionally - but there was also a lot of personal triumph for our managers and staff that we are celebrating going into 2016.

We would be remiss to have our Ten Reasons Why: We Loved 2015 without first sending a heartfelt thank you to our field staff for helping us achieve some great growth this year. We would also like to thank our incredible clients – what a year we all had! We look forward to continuing and strengthening these relationships in 2016. 

Now, onto the memories! Here’s a look at what each of us were thankful for professionally, what we celebrated personally and what we achieved as a team in 2015. 

Cheers to the year that was and here’s to an even better 2016!

“Honestly, when I look back on 2015, it's not all the parties we staff (which is obviously great and a real accomplishment on quality and volume of events) but it's the things we do together and for others. The beginning of our service days, the Tunnel to Towers run and the Cystic Fibrosis run – all highlights for me.”  – Mark Casaburi (Founder and President) 

“I’m very thankful for Sean Cavanagh, who started doing interviews for us in Nassau & Queens every week!!” - Caitlin Havron (Account Manager- NYC)

“2015 was a year of growth for Baltimore’s potential, not to mention we had a great staff pool built up.” –Will McCrory (Account Manager- DC/Baltimore)

“The 2015 highlight was our AYS Meet and Greet! We had so many people show up! We made awards and it was just really great to see everyone hangout outside of work.”  – Jen Baker (Account Manager- NYC)

“Moving back to Long Island while being able to stay with the company was awesome!”  - Justin Ferremi (Account Manager- Long Island)

“At Your Service 2015 was definitely a year of growth.  Our offices grew, as well as our business.  This brought on new challenges that helped us grow to be better account managers.  I have taken on so many new responsibilities and I have learned so many valuable lessons.” – Hannah Slaga (Account Manager- Boston)

“The Kennedy Honors went very well in 2015. The client was very pleased! It was definitely a highlight for me!” – Mercy Marongwe (Account Manager- DC/Baltimore)

“My highlight for 2015 was building such a strong management team. We really became a singular unit this year in terms of decision making, getting the job done and raising the standard across all 5 of our offices. It is definitely what I will look back at 2015 and feel most fondly about.” – Karen Craig (Operations Manager) 

“Starting at AYS and jumping right in during the busy season was my highlight!” – Desiree Murphy (Account Manager- Long Island)

“We had some great wins last year - awesome growth in each office, overall team development and continued client and employee satisfaction! One specific highlight in which all of the above culminated was when we staffed the Robin Hood Foundation event - our office team was at the event to make sure the client was taken care of and even assisted filling in the gaps for the client - our staff was on time and looked great and it was an amazing event to be a part of.”  – Jeanine Cosgrove-Albert (VP of Sales)

Posted on January 19, 2016 .