Meet the Manager: Melissa Siciliano, AYS Boston

1.  How long have you been working with At Your Service?  I started with At Your Service Staffing quite recently!

2.  Where did you grow up? I grew up in Westerly, Rhode Island.

3.  What’s your Alma Mater?  I went to Rhode Island College for my Bachelor’s Degree. I majored in Marketing and minored in Management.

4.  If you had to work in any other industry, which would it be and why?  If I had to work in a different industry, it would definitely be in Sports. I would love to be an analyst for either the NFL or MLB!  

5.  What attracted you to the hospitality industry?  I’ve always loved the hospitality industry. I love that we get to interact with so many different people from different walks of life and help them. There’s nothing more rewarding than knowing you helped someone or made their day a little easier.

6.  What’s your favorite part of working with At Your Service?  My favorite part of working here so far is the fact that every day is different. There are always new challenges that arise here! I like that there is always something new going on and it’s a fun, fast-paced environment.

7.  What do you do outside of work?  Outside of work I like to cook, hang out with friends, go to a flywheel/barre class, travel (I try to go to at least one place a year I haven’t been to), go see live music (whether it be a concert or a band in a small bar), and explore Boston more. Even though I grew up visiting Boston, it’s been fun finding different places to go and see since I moved up here.

8.  Which is your favorite AYS location to visit?  I haven’t had a chance to visit any of the other locations yet but I’m looking forward to hopefully getting to visit the DC/Baltimore office because that’s one place that I haven’t had the chance to visit often.

9.  If you could travel anywhere in the world, where would it be and why?  It would definitely be Calabria, Italy. I haven’t had a chance to visit there yet but I would love to be able to see where most of my family grew up/lived. I would also like to see my relatives who I don’t get to speak to or see often.

10.  What’s your favorite way to unwind after a long day of work?  Go to the gym and/or relax on my couch & watch Netflix. 

Posted on January 6, 2016 .