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The AYS Client Portal

Our People At Your Fingertips

With the AYS Client Portal, you can now input orders directly into our system – no emails, no waiting and no worry. You can also review orders you have in the system via the portal – at any time of day, anywhere you are.

Access to the AYS Client Portal also gives you access to build your own Private Talent Pool! After each event, you will have the ability to rate and rank each staff member either via timecard or by email – anyone who rates poorly will be removed from your future events and those who rate highest will be prioritized!

And the best part of the portal is that it can be customized to fit your needs! So, if you prefer to input your orders via email or over the phone, then you still can while enjoying the other great features that the AYS Client Portal has to offer.

For more information and to get access to the portal, email:



Posted on February 12, 2016 .