Five Reasons Why: We Love Company Outings

The managers of At Your Service Staffing recently traveled to our Long Island office to celebrate a successful spring season with our Annual Summer Outing. This year’s trip took us to Fire Island, where we toasted to Spring 2015 with delicious drink, food and an overall good time. It also served as inspiration for an abbreviated version of our regular blog series, Ten Reasons Why.

So, without further ado, here's Five Reasons Why: We Love Company Outings -- 

1.       Everyone comes together! When your company is spread out across multiple locations, it is rare that the whole team gets to come together for a night out. Getting everyone together for a memorable evening, however, is essential to fostering a strong connection amongst management across all offices – and it increases comradery and team spirit, too!

2.       It allows managers to compare notes! Although every market is unique in its own way, getting together allows us to share experiences we’ve had recently and problem solve together. Often times at company outings, managers will find themselves talking out a problem with a colleague only to realize that their colleague has experienced something similar and can provide them with a solution!

3.       Your team deserves it! The hospitality industry is a seasonable business, so when it’s busy…it’s BUSY! During those busy times, your team lives and breathes work. A company outing to celebrate the busy season at its end is a great way to reflect on the season that was and reward them for a job well done.

4.       You can explore your markets! There is no better way to stay in touch as a company than to explore the different markets you are in. One of the best ways to celebrate a company outing is to take it on the road. In the past, we have taken our company outing to Baltimore and, this year, we spent a night out exploring Long Island. Showing your managers the different markets you operate in is a great way to connect them to the locations that they don’t work in every day.

5.       It’s fun! At the end of the day, the biggest reason to get your team together for a company outing is to show them some good old fashioned fun! At AYS, we pride ourselves on working hard when we are needed and having as much fun as we can along the way. Our summer and holiday outings allow us to do just that – and we recommend that you do too.

Five Reasons Why: We Love Company Outings is part of our Ten Reasons Why blog series. If you have any suggestions for future Ten Reasons Why features, let us know in the comments section!  

Posted on July 22, 2015 .