Achieving Hospitality Excellence


At the Annual AYS Summer Retreat this July, our management team had the pleasure of hearing Shelley Dickinson, CxRA Service Director, speak on “Achieving Hospitality Excellence.” Shelley’s career in hospitality includes a career cultivated at Sofitel, The Ritz Carlton and, now, Catering by Restaurant Associates in Washington DC, Philadelphia and Delaware. During her presentation, Shelley spoke on the concept that hospitality excellence is not just achieved in the event space setting – it is achieved through our relationships with our clients, staff and co-workers. As a customer, you know you have experienced hospitality excellence when you feel special, seen and like the other person “gets you.” As a manager, you know we have provided hospitality excellence when we have return customers, new clients who have heard about us through word of mouth and, of course, increases in revenue. By treating our customers as we enjoy being treating as customers, we achieve hospitality excellence.

Look out for our Hospitality Excellence blog series over the next few months, as we do a deep dive into the concepts Shelley covered with our team during her presentation. How do you and your team achieve hospitality excellence? Share with us in the comments below and you may be featured in an upcoming post!

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Posted on August 16, 2018 .