New OSHA Requirements: How Temporary Agencies May Be Affected

The Federal Occupation Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) proudly states their goal is “to assure so far as possible every working man and woman in the nation safe and healthful working conditions.” Consequently, OSHA regulations apply to every kind of employer, including temporary staffing agencies - our very own Myriam Fuentes explores these regulations below.

Temporary staffing agencies generally do not supervise employees on a day to day basis when they are out at events and, therefore, have limited control over the work environment that staff members are placed in. OSHA regulation stipulates that whomever supervises an employee directly is responsible for keeping record of all injuries and illnesses. In most cases, this means that the host employer is responsible for recording and documenting an employee’s workplace injury.

However, this does not mean that, as a temporary staffing agency, we are free of all burden. OSHA guidelines state that we are responsible for the following:

  1. To maintain frequent communication with our workers and host employers to ensure that all injuries and illnesses are properly reported and recorded.
  2. To use the information we do receive to identify the hazards that our workers are facing while on the job. 
  3. To inform our client (the host employer) immediately if we learn about an injury or illness in order to prevent future injuries.  
  4. To inform our employees about their rights under the Occupational Safety and Health Act.

So, although we are not responsible for the annual reporting that OSHA requires from employers, we remain responsible for ensuring that they are working in a safe and healthy environment. For more information, please visit


Posted on January 24, 2017 .