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Appreciation: A New Yorker's Guide to Meaning It


There is a subtle, but noticeable, difference between giving thanks and being appreciative.  Likely, the differences between the two acts of kindness have become blurred, as daily grown-up-things have become the focus.  A simple thank you has a certain emotional detachment and it almost serves as proof that you were raised with manners.  It’s a conversational norm and polite gesture for the seemingly routine.  Being appreciative, however, has an intrinsic element that showcases honesty and humility.  Granted, each day does not present itself an opportunity for you to be truly appreciative. However, when these moments happen, it’s likely to be memorable for everyone involved. 

My colleague, Jennifer Baker, and I, arranged a staff meet-and-greet for our New York City staff this past week.  It was originally designed to be a relaxing night-out for everyone to swap war-stories, laugh and, most importantly, allow Jennifer and I to say “thanks” for our staff’s hard work during our busy season.  The plan was to get a couple of appetizers and set up a little table in a far corner of a T.G.I.F. Friday’s.  In the days leading up to the At Your Service NYC staff party, however, it became evident that Jen and I were going to have the opportunity to do so much more than just say thank you - we were embarking on one of those memorable moments when we were going to be able to make our team feel appreciated.  No pressure.

On the day of the meet-and-greet, Jen and I put on our “hostess” hats and walked over to the restaurant after work. The night happened so naturally. Jen and I saw first hand the feeling of family that has been created amongst our team.  We were proud of everyone’s positivity and obvious camaraderie.  We saw that the pulse that flows through our AYS family is stitched together with pride and dedication and were able to show them how appreciative we were of this.  And that night, our team made us feel appreciated too. 

They love their job and they are the reason we love ours.

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Gratefully At Your Service,

Samantha Corral

Posted on January 30, 2015 .