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Meet the Manager: MacKenzie Collins, AYS NYC

1.)  How long have you been working with At Your Service? I started with AYS in November 2016! 

2.)  Where did you grow up? I grew up in Rhode Island.

3.)  What’s your Alma Mater? I went to DePaul University!

4.)  If you had to work in any other industry, which would it be and why? I would be a judge on any/all food competitions on the Food Network.  I love cooking and have a borderline unhealthy obsession with food.  Any job/industry where I would get paid to enjoy food is the end all be all for me.  Dream big, I know.

5.)  What attracted you to the hospitality industry? I really enjoy working with people and the notion that every day brings something different.

6.)  What’s your favorite part of working with At Your Service? The people. Since I started, I have been welcomed by our team with open arms.  It truly feels like one big family.  I could not ask for better coworkers!

7. )  What do you do outside of work? I have been planning to join a gym for the past 3 years, but until then, I enjoy the occasional (daily) glass(es) of wine and spending time with friends and family.

8.)  Which is your favorite AYS location to visit? I have not yet had the chance to visit any of our other locations, but would love to go to DC.

9.)  If you could travel anywhere in the world, where would it be and why? Greece.  I have always wanted to go and I recently found out I am half Greek, so it seems right.

10.)  What’s your favorite way to unwind after a long day of work?   I like to head home and de-stress by cooking a nice meal while listening to Etta James Pandora.  If not, dinner with friends or family is always a nice treat.

To work with MacKenzie and the NYC team, contact us here.

Posted on April 3, 2017 .

AYS Behind the Scenes: In Boston with Karen

AYS Behind the Scenes is a new blog series focused on getting the inside scoop on our office cities right from our management team. We have Karen Cavanaugh, our Operations Manager, fill us in on Boston for the inaugural post. 

Karen (left) with her husband, Jimmy.

Karen (left) with her husband, Jimmy.

Does your city have a nickname? Tourists call it Beantown, but I don’t know anyone from Boston that calls it that! When someone says they’re going to “the city” or “into town” in Massachusetts, you just KNOW where they’re headed – it’s all the nickname they need.

Best place to grab a bite? For brunch, I love Met Back Bay – so, so good! For a late night bite, my friends and I used to go to NY Pizza on Columbus – better than any pizza I’ve ever had in New York City!

Best local watering hole? JJ Foley’s in the South End for sure. But go to the ATM first, as it’s cash only. Oh and if you go, tell Jerry I said hello!

Favorite local charity to support/volunteer at? We love going to Cradles to Crayons – it’s a charity that provides kids age 12 and under living in low-income situations with items deemed essential for them at home, at school and at play.

Favorite sports team? TOM BRADY IS THE BEST EVAH! No, but really – love the Pats! The Sunday ritual of going to my parents’ house for the game is SO NEW ENGLAND – but so am I!

Best resume pro-tip? Try to focus in on the more recent positions in your career – no one needs to read about what you did your junior year of high school.

Best interview questions you’ve ever been asked? I once was asked what I was going to do if I didn’t get the job. That one threw me for a loop.

Best advice for an interviewee? Be professional BUT be yourself! Your interviewer is going to want to leave the interview knowing more about who you are as a person than why you chose the major you did in college. It’s important to dress and act the part, but make sure you’re doing so in a way that’s still authentic to you. Being genuine goes a long way in the real world.

Posted on February 20, 2017 .