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AYS On the Earth: How We Are Environmentally Friendly In the Workplace

Recently, our teams across the country celebrated Earth Day by discussing what each of us do to be environmentally friendly at work. Take a look at a few easy ways we at AYS take care of the Earth and share with us in the comments what you do to be more environmentally friendly in your own life!

  1. Use metal straws - Our Massachusetts and DC teams both have replaced their plastic straws with reusable metal ones with the goal of eliminating unnecessary waste and, of course, save the sea turtles!

  2. Walk to work - Our DC team likes to walk to work because not only is it good for our health but doing so can reduce our carbon footprint as well as air pollution!

  3. Sip on a Swell - Goodbye plastic water bottles, hello reusable water jugs! Our managers across all of our offices are rocking reusable water bottles like Swells or Britas instead of old fashion Poland Springs in an effort to use less plastic.

In addition to the above, other ways our team mentioned they try to be environmentally friendly are by eating less meat, using recyclable shopping bags and conserving water! What do you and your co-workers do to be more environmentally friendly at work? Head to the comments and let us know!