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Planning for the Unexpected: The Importance of Having a Staffing “Reserve System”

Client Relations Manager, Justin Ferremi, on how AYS plans for the unexpected - so our clients don't have to.

We have all been there. It’s two hours before the largest, most important event of the season and the phone rings. Your heart skips a beat and you begin to think the worst. You cross your fingers and answer the phone. Sure enough, it’s one of your team members with a dire emergency. They cannot come to work today and now you are short staffed. As if the hours leading up to an event are not stressful enough, now you have to worry about covering for your missing staff member.  The immediate though running through your head: "Am I going to have to jump in and pass drinks myself?” 

How can this be avoided moving forward? Well, you could book extra team members yourself to cover for any call outs. Unfortunately, that could prove to be costly to the bottom line of the event - not to mention taxing for your staffing managers who is already working tirelessly to manage your team's time across multiple events. There is a better way to ensure that you will get the staff that you need with little to no risk: hire a staffing company that uses a “reserve” system. 

How the system works: The staffing company routinely sends staff members to events as a “Reserve." These reserves are to arrive on-time, in the correct uniform, ready to work. If all other staff report and the event looks like it will run smoothly, the reserve will be sent home and compensated by the staffing company (at no cost to you). However, if any team member is running late, calls out or does not arrive in the correct uniform, you have a team member on-site that is ready to jump in with immediate notice. Stressful moment avoided.

For At Your Service Staffing, utilizing such a system just makes sense. It is our job to ensure that our client can do theirs successfully. By having a reserve on hand, we allow them to do just that. For more information on working with At Your Service Staffing  and taking advantage of the AYS Reserve System, contact the company here.

Posted on March 7, 2016 .