Staff Member Spotlight: What I've Learned from Working with AYS

Brenda began working for At Your Service Staffing in September 2013 following the recommendation of a friend. At the time, she was completing her MBA at Pace University.  Asked to speak on her experience with the company in five words, Brenda said that her time with AYS has either taught or enhanced the following in her: punctuality, adaptability, respect, patience and enthusiasm. The following is an excerpt from a piece written by Brenda herself.

1.       Punctuality. As Woody Allen once said “Ninety percent of success is just showing up.”  As a leader in the event planning business, AYS is very emphatic about the importance of being on time. I pride myself in being on time, and during my tenure, I have learned to manage my time even more efficiently than before. I have also learned to always ensure I have a wide margin of time between each assignment and to factor time in for emergencies and travel constraints.

2.       Adaptability. Every area of the business world requires someone who can adapt quickly to any challenge. Given the diverse clientele of At Your Service, I was constantly required to have an open mind and rapidly adjust to changing expectations, attitudes and demeanors in order to deliver great service. Remembering that no two clients or events are alike enhanced my abilities to be a fast and resilient learner.

3.       Respect. Respect is the most important quality to express in the business world. Regardless of problems and contingencies, maintaining a respectful demeanor will allow business to take place smoothly and avoid tarnishing a reputation. At AYS, I have learned that no matter how difficult a situation or how challenging a task, maintaining a respectful demeanor at all times will be the crucial element for success.

4.       Patience. Patience gives fortitude to making decisions – in particular, last minute decisions. The right amount of patience provides a detachment from emotion. This allows logic to step in. Many of the events I have worked with At Your Service have had last minute changes. The ability to remain calm regardless of the pressure was something I improved through my time here.

5.       Enthusiasm. Enthusiasm is defined as an occupation, activity, or pursuit in which such interest is shown. With At Your Service, I learned that showing enthusiasm when dealing with customers allows for good service to become outstanding. Being passionate about every customer and each event strengthened my perseverance in accomplishing the goals set forth on site. This is a quality I always keep in mind as I move forward in business and life.

Brenda has gone on to become a familiar face and a favorite for a number of clients since she began working with At Your Service Staffing in New York City. She is still an active member of the At Your Service Staffing team today, as she continues to use the preceding lessons learned both while working for the company and in her own life.

Posted on September 9, 2014 .